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Bee Accountancy Soldiering On Awards 2019 finalist Business of the Year – Start Up Award

We are delighted to announce that Bee Accountancy has been selected as a finalist for the Soldiering On Awards 2019 in the category Business of the Year – Start Up Award – in partnership with Sage. Congratulations and good luck to the other finalists! x

You are building your business to have the lifestyle that you deserve.

You want to feel empowered with control over your life and your finances.

You want to make an impact by engaging with the right audience.

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Hello & Welcome!

I am Nadia, founder & CEO of Bee Accountancy. My team and I are here to give you peace of mind over your finances.

Bee Accountancy offers a one stop solution for all your accounting needs but truth is, we are much more than accountants! We are here to help you grow your business.

Not only do we handle all the finances aspect such as Bookkeeping, Accounts, Taxes, Payroll and Cashflow, we also give you peace of mind over these figures so that you have the key information that you need to focus on what you do best… business!

Get in touch today, and gain control of your finances!