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Hello from your online Chartered Accountant!

Online Chartered Accountant firm BEE Accountancy exists to empower online entrepreneurs to be in control of their business finances.

Let’s get to know each other, what is your why? Why did you create your business? Do you want to create an IMPACT while living a life of FREEDOM and ABUNDANCE? How about making your mark in the the world while making (a lot of) money?

No one gets into business to fiddle around HMRC’s website because you have have far better things to do: impact, growth, having fun while you are at it!

This is why you have us. All the finance stuff that you hate doing? Guess what? We love them (yes, for real)!

Are you looking for a tech-savvy online accounting firm which offers all the accounting services that your business needs? This is what we are all about: Bee Accountancy is an online chartered accountant firm focusing on the needs of online entrepreneurs.

Have a look around and if you think we would get along, why not get in touch? We would love to hear from you.