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Marriage allowance

marriage allowance

This rather generous financial perk has been around since 2015 but you may not be aware of it if you had different circumstances at that time. The way that it works is that the lower earner in a marriage or civil partnership can pass over unused tax-free personal allowance to their partner.

Marriage allowance allows the transfer of £1,190 of personal allowance between married couples or couples in civil partnerships. There will be a tax saving if your income is below £11,850 and your partner’s income is between £11,851 and £46,350.

The transfer of unused personal allowance is capped at £1,190 so the tax saving can be up to £238 (20% of £1,190). However if less than £1,190 of your personal allowance is unused, then the saving will be lower.

Eligible couples can apply for the marriage allowance at The spouse or partner with the lower income applies to transfer some of their personal allowance by entering some basic details.

*This information is correct at time of posting (2018/19 rates) but may change with changes in HMRC legislation*

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