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Dragons’ Den business jargon buster

Dragons' Den

Sunday night at Bee Accountancy HQ means only one thing… Dragons’ Den! We thought we would put together a business jargon buster if you ever get stuck in translation.


“Hello Dragons!”

Please give me money for my business, pretty please.


“I am the founder of…”

Well, I started this business. Back in the days, I would just have called myself a business owner.



I Googled what my business does and there are only 3 pages coming up.


“Disruptive in this industry”

Like a toddler, I will stomp my feet and cry a little to get some attention. If this does not work, then I will throw myself to the ground and make a lot of noise.


“Elevator pitch”

I practice daily in front of my mirror / baby / goldfish what I will tell Deborah Meaden / Peter Jones / Jenny Campbell / Tej Lalvani / Touker Suleyman if we ever get stuck in a lift together… preferably in the Dragons’ Den lift


“I need an investor”

I’ve maxed out my own credit cards and overdraft…


I really don’t want to spend my own savings on this.



I managed to sell (happy dance) just enough to pay off my credit cards and overdraft.


“I’m out”

Did you in your right mind think that I was going to spend my hard-earned cash / my children’s inheritance on your crazy idea!?


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