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About you...

You are passionate about your business and have ambitious plans for the future.

You want to have real visibility over your money.

You are willing to learn and improve.

You need to free up your time by delegating some finance tasks.

You are using (or would like to use) Quickbooks or Xero and other apps to improve your finance processes.

About me...

I am Nadia Hossen Mamode. I am a Chartered Accountant and I used to work for the top accountancy firms in the UK before setting up my own business : Bee Accountancy.

Bee Accountancy makes the expertise of a Chartered Accountant accessible to start-ups and small businesses.

If you are an entrepreneur, we can work together to: 

  • Build you business, 
  • Empower you with business skills, and
  • Engage with the community.