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Are you an online entrepreneur looking for a tech-savvy online accounting firm offering all the accounting services that your business needs?

Hi, I’m Nadia.

I am the founder of BEE Accountancy, an award-winning online accounting firm which exists to help online entrepreneurs be in control of their business finances.

I am an ICAEW Chartered Accountant and Tax Advisor with over ten years’ worth of experience in bookkeeping, annual accounts, tax returns, payroll, dealing with HMRC letters and advice on tax legislation.

I have always been fanatical about entrepreneurship and these days I do have the best job in the world working with so many brilliant entrepreneurs. I am also the blogger of #TaxTuesday – a blog about Tax which comes out on a Tuesday.

A lifetime ago, I used to be a financial auditor.

Optional read: Why do finacial auditors get excited at the weekends? Because they get to wear casual clothes to work.

I have now claimed my weekends back which I spend with my darling husband and adorable (sometimes) children, visiting National Trust properties, going on city breaks, watching PG movies (always with popcorn) and trying something new.